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Time and location indepedant studying has an ever increasing importance in our mobile and connected world. Students no longer spend time in the lecture hall but rather use their computers and the internet to keep up to date with their courses.

Our team is taking on the challenge of a digital university and will help you make use of new opportunities.

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Hoschuldidaktik als professionelle Verbindung von Forschung, Politik und Praxis
University didactics as a professional link between research, politics and application Increasing the quality academic teaching is of high political significance. The study conditions and expectations of students and faculty members are changing and with that new challenges arise. The engagement of the universities, academies and other educational institutions has to adapt.
Kultur: Umbruch, Aufbruch, Neuorientierung (WIKA 2017)
WIKA-Workshop on 24.11.2017: Culture: Change, Awakening, Realignment The Instiute for International Relations (ifa) and ZAK organise a workshop as part of the Arcademic Council on Culture and Foreign Policy (WIKA)
KIT im Rathaus: 31.01.2018: Neue Technoloigien für die Energie von morgen
KIT in the Town Hall: 31.01.2018: New technologies for the energie of tomorrow It is ambitious task to help develop the technological foundations to supply the growing world population with energy.
Mensch und Meer: Hoffnungen und Herausforderungen
Mankind and the ocean: Hopes and challenges What are the logistics behind the increasing cargo transport over sea routes? How will sea transport develop in the future with increasing risks? Why to refugees take the huge risk of crossing the ocean? How reasonable and effective are Europe's measures to prevent refugees from taking the sea route?
Bildung digital - was müssen wir für morgen wissen?
Digital Education - What do we need to know for tomorrow?

In three talks the experts discuss the current state of digitisation in educational institutions and the digital future of schools.

Meinungsbildung in der digitalen Welt
Forming of opinions in a digital world In the age of the Interner: How to we deal with information and how to we evaluate it? How is the trust in the media developing? How can we make well-considered decisions on the basis of reliable facts? In what way can citizens participate in the democratic process?
KIT im Rathaus: 12.07.2017: Autonome Technik - wo bleibt der Mensch?
KIT at town hall: 12.07.2017: Autonomous technology - where is the human?

Science and technology influence nearly all parts of our life to a very high extent. Due to a societal shift science and technology face new and unseen challenges. The KIT Focus Centre Humans and Technology wants to face these challenges. The research group looks at the interaction between humans and their societies on the one hand and science and technology on the other.

»Die lange Nacht der Abschlussarbeit« am KIT
»The long night of the final paper« at KIT

Information for students and supervisors.

Parallelwelten - eine Gefahr für die demokratie?
Parallel worlds - a danger to democracy?

From isolated diaspora communities over organised crime to back-room politics and our personal digital filter bubble - there are many parallel worlds and societies. Their internal structures, possible dangers and opportunities for our democratic nation are discussed by the colloquium.

City talks Figures from the city, industry, politics and research debate with each other and discuss with Karlsruher citizens the topic of heritage in the age of globalisation and digitalisation. More
Dialog mit Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft
Dialog with science, industry and society he science talks are a series of events as part of public science and research of ZAK in cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg foundation.
Beteiligung ausländischer Gruppen im Konflikt um Syrien
Participation of international groups in the Syria conflict In the new series of events, refugees and vulnerable scientists give insight into their research fields.
Big Data und künstliche Intelligenz
Big Data and artificial intelligence Information plays a vital role in all parts of science and society: we are surrounded by an increasing number of intelligent systems. These systems are often equipped with capabilities for interaction, awareness of its surrounding and methods for self improvement.
Neue Nationalismen – Folge einer globalisierten Welt?
The new nationalists - A consequence of a globalised world? The result of the Brexit vote in June 2016 was very surprising for most proeuropean people. A large part of the public did to expect a mojority to leave the European Union despite the very close poll number leading up to the vote.
Die pluralistische Gesellschaft und ihre Feinde
Pluralistic societies and their enemies In his famous book "The Open Society and Its Enemies" the philosopher Karl Popper describes a society that aims to release the critical skills of its people and is also closely linked to democratic forms of government.
Europäische Spitzenforschung am KIT
European top research at KIT

ERC Consolidator Grant | Quantum technology with natural and artificial spins. Quantum technology uses the specific properties and degrees of freedom of quantum mechanics for practical usage for example in information and sensor technology.

Interreligiöser Campusdialog Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Interreligious dialogue The interreligious dialogue is a series of events organised by the group “Haus der Begegnung: Kulturen und Religionen am KIT” The project group is an initiative of Dachverband islamischer Vereine in Karlsruhe und Umgebung e.V., the evangelical, the catholic and the muslim student communities as well as the ZAK. Link_more
Filmreihe: Traumfabrik
Film series: Traumfabrik Cinema movies are no throw away products - cultural sustainability is especially encouraged through them . The series “Traumfabrik” made by the ZAK and Studium Generale show selected movies during the semester each Sunday at 3 pm in the Filmtheater Schauburg. More
Internationales Forum am ZAK
International Forum at ZAK

The International Forum provides a platform for an international exchange of cultural topics at KIT.

Mensch und Meer: Zwischen Ausnutzung und Ausbeutung
Mankind and the ocean: Exploitation

The ocean has always fascinated mankind. The ocean is the origin of life on earth and a habitat for many species of animals and plants. It serves as a vital part of the ecosystem of the earth.


Unterwegs - nirgends daheim?
In transit - nowhere at home? The symposium of ZAK discusses the aspect of being on the move from social, cultural and political perspectives. Its is the closing event of the 23. European Culture Days Karlsruhe 2016
20. Karlsruher Gespräche: EUropa: Eine polarisierte Solidargemeinschaft
NationEUropa: The polarised solidary group The stabilty of the european comminity with increasing challenges is discussed.


Herausforderung demografischer Wandel
The challenge of the demographic change The classic population pyramid has disappeared from german school books and that not without reason. With a close to linear decreasing population with increasing age the pyramid is outdated.
Ecosystems, climate, society
Ecosystems, climate, society

The terrestrial biosphere forms the interface between the atmosphere and much of the Earth’s land surface; it mediates the carbon, nitrogen and hydrological cycles, and profoundly influences the surface energy balance. 

Spektrum des Lichts
Spectrum of light Light is an elementary part of life and a fundamental necessity for life for mankind, animals and plants.
KIT im Rathaus 2015: Mobilität der Zukunft
KIT in the town hall 2015: Mobility of the future The inportance of mobility research for the economy, environment and society increasing. Solutions for mobility of the future depend of multiple factors such as cost effectiveness, quality of life and evironmental factors.
KIT im Rathaus 2014: Clevere Energie-Die Energiewende daheim
KIT in the town hall 2014: Clever energy - The energy revolution at home Research, teaching and innovation at KIT help the energy revolution and the rebuilding of the energy systems in Germany. Clear priorities are in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, energy storage and networks, electrical transportaion as well as increasing the international research collaboration.
Ethik heute. Fehlt uns ein Wartekompass?
Ethics today. Are we missing a moral compass? It seems as our society has an increasing "need of ethcis": today most sociopolitical areas require an ethics commission to aid in decision making. More
Kulturen der Nachhaltigkeit
Culture of Sustainability Already in the summer semester 2012, as part of the colloquium on the occasion of the current science year "Future Project EARTH" the topic of sustainability, which is becoming increasingly explosive, was brought into focus. More
Nachhaltigkeit - aber wie?
Sustainability but how? Twenty years after the first UN summit for environment and development in Rio de Janeiro the world comes together again this summer to work on solutions of sustainable development.
Reich der Mitte - Quo vadis?
Middle Kingdom - Quo vadis? Chinas incredible economic rise with partly two digit growth rates made the country to within only a few decades to the second largst economy. This new economic power is not without consequences for the international community.
Global Democracies: Zwischen Triumph und Niederlage
Global Democracies - Between triumph and failure Ever since the ancient world mankind has dreamt about the ideal city which as a democratic place of peace should be the manifestation of civalisation. A contemporary view of the situation of cities and their position in the global world shows how ambiguous urban realities are.
Die Welt(markt)gesellschaft: Vom Handel mit Waren, Daten und Menschen.
The world (market) society: Trading with goods, data and people

While the vision of a global society on that basis of international negotiated and universal terms seems to still be utopian, economic market mechanisms prevail in many ways.

Digitale Archivierung-Auftrag und Umsetzungsstrategien
Digital Archiving - Mission and Implementation Strategies Which digitalia is considered to be cultural asset worthy of being archived is very difficult to answer. Research projects develop solution science and culture.
Die „Zwischengesellschaft“: Tradition und Moderne im Widerspruch
The „Intermediate society“: Tradition and modernism in contrast The 17. Karlsruhe Talks deal with the topic of "Intermediate society", which is characterized by the dialectics between tradition and modernism.The effects of globalisation and glocalisation meet traditional world views and daily routines and thus divergent power constellations and different cultural orientations.
Digitale Revolution: Technik verstehen und gestalten?
Digital Revolution: Understand oder create technology? Hardly any revolution has changed the world in such a sweeping way as the Digital Revolution, which has been at a rapid pace since the end of the 20th century and is still progressing. More
Symposium>>Digitale Trends 2025- Entwicklungen in der akademischen Bildung<<
Symposium »Digital Trends 2025 - Developments in the academic education« Universities in Germany are increasingly using Internet-based applications and teaching arrangements. The possibilities and developments of digital formats are manifold and influence the entire student life cycle. More
KIT im Rathaus 2015: Neues aus der Welt der kleinsten Teilchen
KIT in the Town Hall 2015: News form the world of the small particles The KIT center KCETA conducts experimental and theoretical research and teaching at the intersection of astronomy, astrophysics, elementary particle physics and cosmology. Internationall major projects of result-oriented findamental research form the basis and the connecting link of the diverse activities.
Digitale Revolution= Digital Citizen?
Digitale Revolution = Digital Citizen? How has our daily life, our feeling of time, changed when recieving push notifications every minute? What consequences does the permanent reachability have on our work life? Does the "old generation" miss to catch up if they do not deal with the seemingly indispensable innovations?
Immer noch:KRIEG! Vom Giftgas zur Drohne
War. From drones to poison gas. In a public symposium ZAK connects the First World War with current practices of war. Histrocial and social causes of war and the change of the meaning of the term war, especially considering the technological advances, are explored.
Public Science und Neue Medien
Public Science und New Media The science symposium »Public Science und New Media« discuss about the role of the Web 2.0 culture anf the informal science communication, open networks, modern communication methods as well as interactive media.
16. Karlsruher Gespräche | Alles in (Un-)Ordnung?
16. Karlsruher Talks | Everything in order and chaos The 16. Karlsruhe Talks deal with current crises of order and turmoils. In focus are expecially the (european) finacial crisis and the connected world wide youth protests as wells as the bipolar meaning of the term democracy.
Aktuelle Forschungsgebnisse auf der CeBIT
Current research results at CeBIT KIT and FZI present their current research results to the public at CeBIT
KIT - Day of the astronaut

On the 10. November 2011 the astronauts of the last space shuttle flight with Endeavour  »landed« in the Audimax of KIT. After a talk and a movie the visitors had the chance to ask the astronauts interesting questions.

talKIT | Connected World – Mehr als eine digitale Herausforderung?
talKIT | Connected World – More as a digital challenge? How will increasing connectivity and sharing of data intrude our daily routines? What part will be most affected? How will i make our lifes easier? These questions were discussed at the technology forum »talKIT«. More
Vorstellung des ersten automatischen simultanen Übersetzungsdienstes
Presentation of the first automatic simultaneous translation service The globalisation increases problems of language of all universities. Should all lectures be changed to english oder do all international stundets have to learn english? An alternativ approach has been developed the Institute for Anthropomatics.
Kompetenzmessung auf dem Prüfstand
Competence measurement on the test bench The background and consequences of increasing competence measurement is looked at during the two day event with presentations of expert and discussions.
40 Jahre Fakultät für Informatik
40 Years Faculty of Informatics

Die Institute der Fakultät für Informatik des KIT präsentieren ihre zukunftsweisende Forschung.

KIT-Children-Uni In the summer holidays the researcher of KIT offer the popular KIT-Children-Uni. Over the course of three weeks curios children form eight to twelve years can gain fascinating and educational insights to currrent research topics.
ICRA 2013
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2013

Manufacturers and experts present their innovation at ICRA 2013 (IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation). ICRA is the leading global specialist conference for robotics and automation. Organiser: IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, and the KIT Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics (IAR).