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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start iTunes U and how do I find the contributions of KIT? More


Time and location indepedant studying has an ever increasing importance in our mobile and connected world. Students no longer spend time in the lecture hall but rather use their computers and the internet to keep up to date with their courses.

Our team is taking on the challenge of a digital university and will help you make use of new opportunities.

Use the service of WebCast to update your content to a modern format.


Team of KIT on iTunes U

Name Title Function Job Description
MA Academ. employee of the Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning Head of KIT on iTunes U

Name Title Function Job Description
Dipl.-Bibl. (FH) Employee of the KIT Library DIVA, Vorlesungsbetreuung (Organisation)
Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Employee of the KIT Library Concepion of the it infrastructure of KIT on ITunes U, care of lectures (technology)
Dipl.-Ing. Academ. Employee of the Department of Informatics Administration of the svn-, webserver and KIT on iTunes U Public Site

Student Assistents
Name E-Mail
sabrine chelbiHbo2∂student kit edu
utdpaHdw1∂student kit edu
urdzkUsz2∂student kit edu
uderkLrq5∂student kit edu